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The school is sectioned into day and boarding to carter for the needs of our student and parents that may desire to join either of the options depending on availability of space per time.



The day school is the regular school system where the child reports to school from home and returns home at the close of school.

The day school runs from 7:45am prompt to 3:00pm from Monday to Friday, exception of days where activities are slated. Such days are usually communicated to parents via our school portal or newsletters from time to time.

Leaving no stone unturned, we work in synergy with out day parents to achieve the best of their child or ward academic and spiritual goals or tax, making sure that the rudiments acquired from school is sustained and vis-à-vis.  



The school operates a boarding house where students are kept in the dormitory within the school premises under a fenced perimeter. The boarding house is located in a serene environment, close to the learning centers for easy access to all facilities within the school.

 A shared standard room of 5-7 students with a single bed carved into a personal convenience or corner for comfort and privacy. Students in the boarding house are well catered for with adequate attention and support.

A well-scheduled timetable is made to guide their daily events, commencing each day with a sense of achievement and ending with the joy of great fulfillment.

A standard five times daily meal schedule is offered to our boarding students in a serene, well equipped and comfortable dining hall. We take into cognizance the need for a balanced and healthy diet and so we engage qualified chefs and nutritionists for food handling and preparations. Preparatory classes are organized twice daily to reinforce learning and keep them constantly abreast with their academic work for a meaningful academic outcome and favourable competition with their day counterparts.

While the need for relaxation cannot be ruled out, we create a community to develop skills via participation in different games, create opportunities for skills to be development through participation in various skill development activities.

A common ground for interaction is encouraged for assimilation and cross-pollination of ideas for life development and interpersonal relation. 

 Boarding time is known to very busy but we always mark time for each other. The beautiful experiences of our students within the boarding house can only be experienced.